Consciousness from within
This is a work of digital painting,
wants to shape a psychic unspeakable.

It is a creative work that aims to
exist invisible and inviting everyone to create
a look at life by walking with a microscope,
at the border of sign and symbol in interiority.

This is the challenge illustrate communicate through
Safety created as offerings
offered to different themes.

It is a vision of life that creates
same time it is discovered.

step by step, colored vibrating masses and
gaps which exist, give them a place
and fall, the show.

Protective layers of skin and ultimately identity.

A feeling of deep setting the return
light does not go away.

Chef Gilles childbirth, but also the
be all about the way of life.

In how many layers we cover us
to look at the world?

Who can claim his "abnormality"

How to escape the clutches of fireworks
leave to appear what we are?

Titles Digital Paintings:

1/the madness / My madness
2/The share lack
3 / Call of anxiety
4/Ton church is your body and your body
is the temple of your soul.
5/Les artifice of benevolence
6/Un foot in a vacuum, in another full
7/Ma contribution
8/Un bait hell
9/Le challenge of loneliness
10/Le ground of absence